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Bagaimana cara mengamankan Password Travian? (En)

Travian is a free MMORPG you can play from your computer and also from other places. It is a private experience for each of us. All we do in Travian reflects on our account. Any mistake also reflects negatively in the account. On some servers you can also pay for several supplementary services, so money is also involved.

In order to avoid any issues, you need to secure the password and keep your details private. The forums are filled with messages like “someone broke into my account and did this and that”. Make sure you don’t have this issues and read our small guide as to how you can secure that password:

1. DO NOT TELL your password to anyone.

Mistake no.1 … reason no.1 for losing control of your account. Many times the abuser doesn’t need to hack the account: he can have access just because you are a big mouth.

If you need help in the game with sitting, the sitter can be added in the user panel. You DO NOT and SHOULD NOT let anyone use your account or give away your password information

2. Make it “strong”

Having a passowrd like “password”, “johnny2007″ (when your username is Johnny) and something easy to spot is not a good idea. The stronger the password is, the harder it’s for anyone to crack you account.

3. Log in ONLY from the offcial Travian site.

Be it .ro, .com, .net or whatever community you are playing on. Don’t use ANY OTHER pages or redirects.

4. Make the password exclusive for Travian playing only.

We know it’s hard to have many passwords, but it’s better. You shouldn’t repeat a password for more sites. If anyone can break into the account by guessing it, imagine what it would happen if they log in all your accounts with that password. So … make separate passwords for separate accounts to be used on the internet.

5. LOG OUT from the game when you finished playing …

We know it’s easier to be always logged in or use the “remember password” settings in your browser. Don’t be lazy. Exit and then re-enter by typing your password. Takes 10 seconds to type in that characters string.

6. Don’t save passwords in documents on the PC

Yes I know it’s bothersome to have them written down .. it’s secure though. People cannot “hack” into your personal “pen and paper” agenda, but they can surely get all the info they need from your PC.

7. Keep the PC clean

Run virus scans, have a firewall active, have adware removal programs working. Try to secure your information by keeping the computer clean from all trojans and other programs that might offer others information you’re surely not pleased to “send”. Don’t surf adult/warez sites .. secure the PC and you’ll be OK.

Let’s hope this will help you. Have a nice play in the world of Travian.

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